Tuesday, 10 June 2014

I handed in my Graduation!

Hey all,

So the recent half year was a hell of a ride, there were big ups and downs regarding my motivation when working on it. My project's final delivery consisted of 5 finished character illustration pieces being used as promotional artwork for a non-existing game. I will post the illustrations in the next blogs, together with their development pieces.

Normally, graduation can only be done after all the courses are met. But I started doing Graduation with one retake still undone.

So now I'm in LA for E3, because our game Fru is doing really well; it got in the ID@XBOX programme. And in this week where I'm supposed to have fun, I'm still working on school... GREAT!

I also got a mail from the Board of Examiners saying that I can hand in my Graduation project a week later than planned, which is super awesome... But I already handed it in before I went to LA, so that means jack. I was told however that all the grades need to be handed in a week after submission date, so that means that I got a week extension for my retake course... RIGHT???

Anyways, next blogs: my shtuff


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Tinkles: the Tinkerer

Tinkles looks like a rat-human because he was close to the Accident when it happened. The radioactive clouds were mild, but affected his body: he now has larger ears and a tail. He was a mechanic before the Accident, so he likes to tinker with things. Most of the weapons the team use were made or modified by him.

Tinkles is an engineer type character. He has a melee attack (Wrench) and a long range attack (Drone). His specialty is setting traps on the field. His traps inflict various conditions, such as Assault, Immobilize, Poison, etc. 

Happy: the Gunnergirl

Happy was born after the Accident occurred; she is the only post-apocalyptic child of the team. Because of that she does not know what the world was like before the Accident. As a result, she treats activities such as killing, surviving, and scavenging as normal.

Happy is a long range type character. She has a long distance attack (Long Shot) and a medium distance attack (Shot). Her specialty is standing in the rear line while covering the front line, where her attacks will do double damage. 

Kana: the Swordswoman

Kana lost her memories after the Accident. She has an energy blade that used to be just a traditional Katana. Engraved in the katana are the initials R.K. Kana wants to find out what it means, and believes that while travelling with the group she has a higher chance to regain her memory.

Kana is a short range type character. She has a melee energy weapon (Blade) and can perform a medium attack (Slice). Her specialty lies in her evasiveness and agility; she has no problem fighting in the front line where all the action is. 

Cap'n: the Leader

Cap’n is convinced that he should lead a team towards his goals and beliefs. He is not a guy who fights for justice, but rather for his own desires. Right after the Accident the construct of society was destroyed and the world fell into chaos. Cap’n believes that he can rebuild society, but he is not a god, just a good leader. He needs help from his team.

Cap’n is an all-round type and team player character. He has a melee attack (Punch) and a medium range attack (Handgun). His specialty is his command buffs; area of effect shouts that positively affect the friendly team members. 

Ymir: the Tank

Ymir’s exact origin is unknown, but the stories go that Tinkles found him and replaced his bodyparts with robotic limbs. Even though his mind is still inside his body, he cannot talk anymore; at least his heart is in the right place.

 Ymir is a tank type character. He has a melee attack (Hammer) and a long range area-of-effect attack (Whirlwind). His specialty is taking hits for other members. Ymir can block an enemy attack for a friendly if they are within a certain range of him.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Portrait - Lauren

Hi all,

I've been busy with school lately so I haven't had the chance to upload stuff. I finished this painting as a birthday gift for my girlfriend. 11-02-2014