Monday, 16 November 2015

My work on FRU

For the last year and a half I have been working on a game that I together with the rest of Through Games created, the original prototype was created during the Global Game Jam 2014. After the great reception from fellow developers, friends and games websites, and having a stand at E3, we decided that we wanted to create a full game for it.

FRU is a unique twist on the platformer genre, utilizing Xbox One's Kinect camera to trace the silhouette of the players body, and projecting a different world inside it. This method allows the player to show and hide platforms that lay within two worlds.

Here's a trailer of the prototype made during Global Game Jam:

My main responsibilities on this project are solving the visual problems that lie within the core game concept. FRU's unique mechanic is having two worlds collide with each other, which forces us to think about clarity and coherency. My contributions so far in this project have been:
- Environment Concept Art
- Environment Asset Creation
- Character Concept Art
- Character Rigging (including IK-FK arms)
- Character Animation (simple action loops)

Here are some recent artwork that I created:

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My work on Age of Wonders III

So here is some concept artwork from Age of Wonders III that survived through Pre-production phase during my internship at Triumph Studios in 2011. There might be a few tweaks here and there by other artists. I've posted it here because the artwork has been officially released a long time ago.

My main responsibility during my internship was creating creature and unit concepts for AoWIII.

The Demi Giants were really fun to make. The brief
was clear and I had a good flow when designing these

The Giants are a tier higher than the Demi Giants.
They had to look gigantic and monstrous.