Monday, 24 August 2015

Plein Air Painting trip in Langres, France!

Last weekend I impulsively went painting in Langres, France with a few artist friends for a weekend. We painted 1 full day because driving there from the Netherlands takes 16 hours in total back and forth...

First painting of the day. A watercolor painting in the
backyard of the house I stayed at. Moleskine watercolor
sketchbook. Location: Montlandon

We went to Langres and painted at a parking lot behind
the gate. The shadows on the roof were really tricky
because of the cool nearly purple shadows. Gouache
 painting in watercolor sketchbook.

A gouache painting of the church in Langres. The sun creeped up to me while painting.
That resulted in a sweaty late afternoon with no motivation to add any more detail.
Important notice: the subject had waaaaay more detail than this sketch.

Back in Montlandon backyard where I saw a nice
house with the light of the setting sun hitting the
trees in the background. Watercolor and gouache.

Last painting of the trip. I prepared a nice composition for this; some sheep chilling
in the sun behind a fence. In the background a small formation of trees. Unfortunately
the Sunday storm hit us after about 45 minutes. Watercolor painting.

I like to sketch other people when I take a break. Using a 0.5 mmSteadtler fineliner
in my mini-sketchbook (A6-sized I believe).


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